Osteria La Chiacchera IN Siena

There's an Osteria in Siena where one can feel at home: with it wholesome products that are used with care and attention to make typical Tuscan dishes; where a good meal leaves you satisfied and happy at just the right price.

The menu offers a choice of the best Sienese Cuisine: Tuscan bread appetizers (crostini), Pici pasta with cheese and black pepper (cacio e pepe), Minestra soup with bread served in terracotta dishes (ribollita), pici pasta with tomato and mushroom sauce (boscaiola), braised meat in wine (brasato), tender tasty steaks (grilled or even 'drowned or drunk'), sauteed meat (tegamata), beans with  oil, sauteed artichokes, apple cake etc, etc. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, with large wood tables in the inside and small external tables, suggestive for the summer months as they are placed along the sloped lane in front of the restaurant.

The perfect place even for a quick lunch: economical and excellent.

Designed by: Medianet Group Siena